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The creation by Wintley Phipps reedited, Scientific evidence for a young earth
Dr. Thomas Kindell Northwest Creation Network - Science shows young earth
Evidence for a young earth - convicted Dr. Brad Harrub Creation truth
Truth about creation The Bible: A scientific authority 21 scientific facts in the bible
Baby growing in Mommy's womb life is a miracle

Incredible facts of the Bible HD, Science in the bible Why does the bible mention Unicorns?
Why are unicorns (rhinos!?) mentioned in the bible ? Hydroplate theory Walter Brown
DNA proves creation Growing of a baby

Is Richard Dawkins really stumped? Richard Dawkins can not find an answer.
the truth in his own words yes he is. Radiocarbon found in diamnonds
Diamond proves young earth. The Miracle Of Human Creation part(1) must see
Wintley Phipps - Creation revisited. Divine Design - Sperm Creationist Museum
DNA proves creation Kentucky, Kansas, Introducing the big valley museum, Brad Harrub
Prove for a young earth creation science Big Valley, Alberta Creationist museum
Wonder of Creation: Wilderness Beauty of nature testifies about Divine Creation
Darwin and Dawkins Dilemma Climbing Mount Improbable

Death of Darwinsm. Beyond Today - Charles Darwins evolution theory is not valid
Can a biblical creationist make sense of astronomy David Reeves in Creation today
Astronomy Richard Dawkins Stumped (Actual Footage) Opening the Creation museum
stumped by creationists' question? Richard Dawkins' defence
Bones of Contention human evolution Dr. Marc Surtees Edinburgh creation Darwins Dilemma
Mount improbable Creation in the 21st century

The evidence disputes Darwin Carl Baugh What The Bible Says About The Creation Week
Russ Miller Accidental Masterpiece You are a Masterpiece!
What do rocks reveal? The cosmologiscal argument, Walter Veith Age of the rocks
Polonium Halos: Robert Gentry - Polonium halos prove young earth
Young Age of the Earth - Part 1 (english) Marc Surtees - Bones of contention Robert Gentry

Prove for a young earth Top ten Creationist arguments Russel Miller
The creation week Creation in the 21st century The thinking atheist (he thinks so)
Top ten Creationist arguments part2 Richard Dawkins weak spot Unrefuted Evidence
Earth's Creation The thinking atheist (he thinks so) Mitochondrial Eve Richard Dawkins
Foundational issues Evolution shattered Russ Miller - In the beginning God created
Evolution - Unproved and Unprovable, Unproven evolution

The Kalam Cosmological Argument Six day creation is possible, proves God exists
What your school doesn not want you to know! Starts slow. And where did Cain get his wife?
What evolutionists do not tell you. When did satan fall? The angelic domain.
Created before Genesis 1:1 or after, The fall of satan Evolutionary brainwash techniques
Lol - Kent Hovind analyses fossil dating, Kent Hovind - Lies in the Textbooks Radio: Mitochondrial Eve Kent Hovind calls to accept Jesus
Your Saviour, Evolution shattered. Who did Adams son marry?
Who did Cain marry? Six literal days. Why question only Genesis

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