Bible Video Diary

Every day of the week has its own subject:

Made on Monday - The creation testifies about God
Tune on Tuesday - Beautiful music from several artists
Word on Wednesday - A few verses from the bible
Task on Thursday - Faith in a practical way
Fun on Friday - An amazing video to enjoy
Saint on Saturday - An interesting personal story
Silence on Sunday - Relax on your free day

April 2016

Friday April 1 Evolution comedy
April 2 Blind born baby Christian
Sunday April 3 Find rest in nature
Monday April 4 The third temple in Jerusalem
April 5 Kelly Mooney - Hallelujah Easter version
April 6 God proves His love
April 7 Choose Joy !
April 8 Paradox of time
April 9 Laughing with Tim Hawkins
Monday April 11 Zooming into the Universe
April 12 Van Morrsison - Babies are innocent
April 13 The evangecube tells the gospel
April 14 Lord, send me !
April 15 Avatar, the movie
April 16 The beauty of Lizzie
Monday April 18 Intelligent design - Bacterial flagellum
April 19 Andy Park - Name above all names
April 20 25 names for the heavenly Father
April 21 3 million Promise Keepers in Washington DC
April 22 Michael Jackson - Thriller
April 23 The carpenter's Son
Monday April 25 Mount Sinai - new location discovery
April 26 Kathy Troccoli - Let your light shine
April 27 The promised world to come
April 28 Francis Chan - the risky balance beam
Saturday April 30 A conversion of a prostitute