Christian Video Diary

Every day of the week has its own subject:

Made on Monday - The creation testifies about God
Tune on Tuesday - Beautiful music from several artists
Word on Wednesday - A few verses from the bible
Task on Thursday - Faith in a practical way
Fun on Friday - An amazing video to enjoy
Saint on Saturday - An interesting personal story
Silence on Sunday - Relax on your free day

December 2016

Tuesday December 1 Helene Fischer (Germany)- Ave Maria
December 2 6 power bible verses
December 3 Dare to live
December 4 Painter Akiane Kramarik
December 5 Testimony of Kirk Cameron
Sunday December 6 Sunday - Relaxing waterfall
Monday December 7 Shawn Boonstra - the genetic Adam
December 8 Three wise men from the East
December 9 The man in the hole
December 10 Work as mission
December 11 156 countries join love song
December 12 Jennifer urges to help young people
Monday December 14 Faith in Qiang China
December 15 Christmas Jingle Bells
December 16 Children letters to God
December 17 A dangerous time
December 18 Bob Burger - Highways and byways
December 19 Shawn Boonstra - Glory to God
Monday December 21 The Star of Bethlehem
December 22 Handel's big opus Hallelujah
December 23 The nativity of Jesus
December 24 Airplane Christmas miracle
December 25 Joel Osteen - Christian clean jokes
December 26 Duane Miller healing
Monday December 28 Healthy vegetables
December 29 Silent monks - Hallelujah
December 30 Jesus and Nicodemus - Born again
Thursday December 31 Let's dance ! Closing the year