Bible Video Diary

Every day of the week has its own subject:

Made on Monday - The creation testifies about God
Tune on Tuesday - Beautiful music from several artists
Word on Wednesday - Inspirational verses from the bible
Task on Thursday - Faith in a practical way
Fun on Friday - An amazing video to enjoy
Saint on Saturday - An interesting personal story
Silence on Sunday - Relax on your free day

February 2016

Monday February 1 Louie Giglio - The beautiful protein Laminin
February 2 Singer Ron Kenoly
February 3 Old Testament Summary
February 4 Marriage Promotion
February 5 Awareness test: The moon walker
February 6 Tami meets Tabi and her face
Sunday February 7 Peace and Eternity
Monday February 8 Lee Strobel - DNA proves God
February 9 Paul Wilbur - Eliah
February 10 The promised Holy Spirit
February 11 Muslims receive healing in Israel
February 12 A moose and her children
February 13 TD Jakes - Commitment
Monday February 15 CERN discovers God particle
February 16 Hillsong - Lead me to the cross
February 17 God's passion for you
February 18 Choose Life, escape Hell
February 19 Bible Group killer tips
February 20 Guitar player Tony Melendez
Monday February 22 Ken Ham - Creation Museum Kentucky
February 23 Paul Baloche - Praise Adonai
February 24 The parable of the pencil
February 25 Visit elderly in nursing homes
February 26 Paul Potts - Historic audition on Britain's got talent
February 27 Youth hero mr. T from the A-team
Monday February 29 Kent has a son Eric Hovind