Bible Video Diary

Every day of the week has its own subject:

Made on Monday - The creation testifies about God
Tune on Tuesday - Beautiful music from several artists
Word on Wednesday - A few verses from the bible
Task on Thursday - Faith in a practical way
Fun on Friday - An amazing video to enjoy
Saint on Saturday - An interesting personal story
Silence on Sunday - Relax on your free day

July 2016

Friday July 1 Drum teens win school contest
July 2 Rick Warren prays at presidential ceremony
Monday July 4 The Watchmaker
July 5 Two roads; you choose
July 6 Ultimate love
July 7 A letter from Jesus
July 8 Friendship between dog and elephant
July 9 Heidi Baker - Missionary in Mozambique
Monday July 11 Intelligent design - the bombardier beetle
July 12 Michael W. Smith - Friends
July 13 Which Jesus are you talking about ?
July 14 Affluence overkill
July 15 The USC-Professor challenge
July 16 Joseph Prince - on the road to Emmaus
Monday July 18 Animal beauty
July 19 Song - God will make a way
July 20 How to remember the 10 Commandments
July 21 Treasure hunt - praying for healing
July 22 Caterpillar becomes butterfly
July 23 Conjoined twins Abby en Brittany
Monday July 25 Our privileged planet
July 26 Don't Worry, be happy !
July 27 Gospel Children
July 28 Liberation play - Jesus sets free
July 29 A pianist with only 4 fingers
July 30 Michael junior - testimony
Sunday July 31 John 17 - High Priestly prayer