Christian Video Diary

Every day of the week has its own subject:

Made on Monday - The creation testifies about God
Tune on Tuesday - Beautiful music from several artists
Word on Wednesday - A few verses from the bible
Task on Thursday - Faith in a practical way
Fun on Friday - An amazing video to enjoy
Saint on Saturday - An interesting personal story
Silence on Sunday - Relax on your free day

September 2016

Thursday September 1 Faces of persecution
September 2 The home run
September 3 Creationist Kent Hovind - Genesis
Sunday September 4 Sunday restday
Monday September 5 Masks off, please
September 8 Anne Murray - Walking with God
September 9 Flee sexual immorality
September 10 Scary evangelism? They are humans!
September 11 lol Service glasses
September 12 Mother Theresa from Calcutta, India
Monday September 14 Luke 15 - The lost son
September 15 The Man from Nazareth
September 16 The Holy Supper
September 17 Revival in the Muslim world
September 18 It's supernatural - The miracle truck
September 19 Athlete Derek Redmond
Monday September 21 Wintley Phipps tells about creation
September 22 Randy Travis - 3 wooden crosses
September 23 God meets your needs
September 24 B.U.S.Y. - Being Under Satan's Yoke
September 25 Jesus wants you to smile
September 26 Inspiring Nick Vujicic
Monday September 28 The Genesis creation account
September 29 Angel Jackie Evancho - Belief !
Wednesday September 30 The Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit