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Two powerful 'Faith in Action video packages' for only $ 3,85

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Faith in Action package 1 - 80 videos for $ 3,85

Frank Jenner - Australian evangelist 7.06min

Impression 'Faith in Action' set 1

  • Worship leads to healing
  • The evangelist in Sydney
  • Youngsters declare the apostolic creed
  • Christ For All Nations promo
  • Billy Graham film intro
  • Here I am Lord, use me
  • Preventing teen pregnancy
  • Lukewarm or hot for Jesus ?
  • The Welsh revival

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Faith in action package 2 - 64 videos for $ 3,36

Todd White - healing on the streets 9.33min

Impression 'Faith in Action' set 2

  • Azusa street revival
  • Street healings in Denmark
  • Calculating the cost of following Jesus
  • Mother Teresa from Calcutta
  • The history of the Vineyard church
  • University study about fishing men
  • God made the missionary
  • What is effective evangelism ?
  • Epic history - the start of Billy Graham
  • Receiving church or church on mission

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Buy here set 2 with Euro Paypal, Visa or Mastercard

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