This page is to support Kent, Jo & Eric Hovind

The studies and lectures of Kent Hovind are very interesting and convincing. He refutes the theory of evolution and shows that a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of a creation in 6 days is logical. Their website is Creation, Science & Evangelism.

Enjoy more than 17 hours of powerful lectures in the Creation Science Seminar. Topics are:

Kent Hovind - The age of the earth 2.33.50 hr

Kent Hovind - The Garden of Eden 1.56.32 hr

Kent Hovind - Dinosaurs and the Bible 2.37.50 hr

Kent Hovind - Lies in the Textbooks 2.32.13 hr

Kent Hovind - The dangers of evolution 2.55.59 hr

Kent Hovind - The Hovind theorie 2.20.31 hr

Kent Hovind - Questions and answers A + B 2.28.53 hr

Kent Hovind - Questions and answers C 2.58.55 hr