Ronald and the Ark of Noah Mount Sinai with black top Egyptian wheel in the Sea of Aqaba

This page is dedicated to the archeological findings of
Ron & Mary Wyatt.

    Watch the Sattelite Tour video of the discoveries. 6.21min. Topics include:
  • The Exodus through the Red Sea
  • Mountain Sinai
  • Sodom en Gomorrah
  • The Ark of Noah
  • The Ark of the Covenant
  • The blood of Jesus

Ron Wyatt - The Arc of Noah in Turkey 20.48min

Ron Wyatt - Sodom and Gomorrah found 27.44min

Ron Wyatt - Joseph in Egypt 7.18min

Ron Wyatt - Exodus to the Aqaba Red Sea 9.58min

Ron Wyatt - Mount Sinai in Arabia 12.27min

Ron Wyatt - The Arc of the Covenant 19.36min

Golgotha and Jesus burial tomb 10.14min

Ron Wyatt - The blood of Jesus 4.26min