Many Amazing Links to boost your faith !

Sid Roth tip

NorthWest Creation Network tip

Creation on the web


Biblical Discoveries

The interactive bible, videos tip tip

It is Supernatural: Revival, Healing, Prophecy and Israel

De Seattle Creation Conference with many creation videos

Australian institute with Carl Wieland & Creation magazine

Institute for Creation Research with Henry Morris in Dallas, Texas

Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham

Creation Science & Evangelism with Eric & Kent Hovind

The website with Walt Brown with book 'In the beginning'

Many creation videos with Don Patton

Many creation videos and more articles

Ark of the covenant found by Ron Wyatt

The website of Ron Wyatt with his many discoveries

with the coordinates of Noahs ark, mount Sinai and more

FaithBoost in Dutch

Wikipedia encyclopedia for creationists

Have a great learning experience and God bless you !